Start with Why

The most powerful marketing is personal recommendation.

We started Fomo because some marketers break this rule: unsustainable advertising spend, aggressive popups, and not enough personal connection.

Fomo helps honest entrepreneurs show off customer interactions (purchases, opt-ins, even pageviews) with one line of code.

Social proof notifications increase conversions and make your website the thriving bit of online real estate it is.

Andrew Codivari Fomo

Andrew Cordivari

Dreamer. Friend. Bicep. His Ruby may be on Rails, but we are not so sure. Our customers seem to like him, must be a good guy.

Klemen Nagode Fomo

Klemen Nagode

The keeper of the ruby, who keeps the Fomo heart beating. Only when he gets deep into the git-flow, is continuous integration made possible.

Vladimir & vladimir Fomo

Vladimir & vladimir

Not a designer. He’s just a semi-ripe Slovenian fruit hanging in our Slack channels adding reactions to conversations he vaguely understands.
Arnold Sanders Fomo

Arnold Sanders

After studying biology he noticed hard sciences are a lie and social science is TRUTH. Now he leads Fomo for ecommerce.
Chris Bacon Fomo

Chris Bacon

This crispy foreigner is best served cold. Chris lives in Canada and that's all we know. Sometimes he hikes outside but usually not.

Jan Perše Fomo

Jan Perše

Jan is our sexy-ass front-end bicycle. Unlike for most people “It’s only downhill from here” is actually a good thing.

Ryan Kulp Fomo

Ryan Kulp

Fomo's resident insomniac can be found on live chat after midnight or spending points on the company credit card.